Using Solventless Extraction Machine To Revolutionize The Industry
Solventless extraction machine is helping revolutionize the industry by making a new and powerful method to the extraction of rosin. There are a lot of companies that is using solventfree patent-pending rosin extraction innovation and also makes the biggest commercially used rosin presses in the market. These companies have a patent-pending technology that is made to insure a maximum yield and quality. The machines that these companies have are compact, very durable, and is extremely easy to use and handle.

A solventless extraction machine is a non-volatile method of extraction that uses completely no solvents or chemicals. The solventless extraction machines only uses scientifically precise pressure and heat that is capable in the processing of commercial number of products compared to the cost and time needed by any other pressing machines in the world. This would result to a more easy and fast extraction process.

The solventless extraction machine is considered to be the easiest and most effective extraction technology in the market. The solventless extraction machine eliminates the worry and the headache experienced by many people in the process of extraction because these machines will provide a solution that is proven to be the most effective and easiest extraction technology that is available in the market across the world. The full flavor notes for consumption, for combustion, and even for topical applications. The use of a solventless rosin is unlimited and it is now being fully utilized by many people in the market. More info at

Solventless extraction machines are also generally used in wide oil extractions as compared with pressing. There are a lot of advantages when using a solventless extraction machine. This article will be discussing the advantages that you can get when using a solventless extraction machine.
Advantages of Solventless Extraction.

1. A much cheaper cost on production
As compared to the pressing method, solvent extraction will always require a whole line to work, this means it will be more mechanized making it easier to handle. It can be said that you will need a way lesser personnel when you use a solvent extraction compared to that of the pressing method. Another thing is that the energy consumption used in solvent extraction is lesser compared to the pressing method. So this basically means that one of the advantages of solvent extraction is the cheaper cost of production. Visit

2. It will have a low oil residue
It is quite impossible to eliminate oil cells totally or to completely degenerate proteins in the method of pressing.